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At Bebe2be we have carefully selected a range of baby and maternity products that are best for you and your baby.


EGG maternity wear

EGG is a New Zealand family owned and operated business founded by mother and daughter team Colyn and Charlotte Devereux. The EGG philosophy is to provide expectant women with stylish and comfortable maternity wear that takes them all the way through their pregnancy – and beyond.  EGG has stores throughout New Zealand and Australia as well as stockists in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, US and London.



Hotmilk lingerie

Hotmilk is a maternity and nursing lingerie company that originated in New Zealand that has rapidly grown to become a global leader in sexy pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie.



Love To Swaddle Up

Love To Swaddle Up is the original and innovative swaddle that allows your baby to sleep with their arms up.  Babies may benefit from having access to their hands when swaddled because:

  1. It helps them self soothe and therefore sleep longer, giving baby and parents a better nights sleep.
  2. It may be helpful for development.

Swaddled babies who have access to their hands may settle better and sleep longer.

Super fast and easy to use. Most importantly Love To Swaddle UP helps your baby stay wrapped all night long! Even dad will be a wrap expert! 



Nude Food Movers

The Nude Food Movers range by Smash, is designed with a space for everything to eliminate the need for portion packing and wrapping. All products are also BPA free making them the perfect choice for families!  Hailed as the best thing since sliced bread – and the ultimate way to keep that bread fresh, the Nude Food Movers range consists of lunch, sandwich and snack boxes, stackable snack tubes, banana and muffin movers and neoprene covers.



Snuggin Go

Created by a Neonatal Nurse practitioner.   The Snuggin Go is designed to support babies head and body in a car seat or stroller.  Other infant supports fail to keep baby's head up, but Snuggin Go® actually positions the baby's head and body to prevent head slumping: improving safety, comfort, & breathing! How? Its unique memory foam neck/shoulder support system glides to customize to your baby's height & gently nudges baby's chest forward allowing the head to sit in a neutral position in any seating product. Proper head & body support for infants reduces acid reflux, minimizes flat spots (plagiocephaly), prevents babies from favoring one side (torticollis),  improves breathing & much more.


Air Wrap

The Air Wrap Mesh has been keeping babies happy and safe for more than 5 years and is one of Australia's most trusted and popular nursery bedding items. The newest addition to the Airwrap family is the Airwrap Deluxe.  fter years of research and development Airwrap have created a world first multi-layered and patented technology incorporating superior padding, a natural and breathable cot environment with a delightful quilted appearance. This is achieved through combining a hi-tech, super-padded, breathable, three dimensional inner-mesh with a soft, breathable, natural cotton outer layer. This makes the Airwrap Deluxe the most deluxe breathable-bumper solution available.


Brolly Sheets

A discreet, simple solution to a wet bed. Just tuck in on top of fitted sheet, then simply replace when wet. There's no need to completely strip the bed so they save time, washing (and sanity!). 

  1. Unique 100% cotton top
  2. Tuck in wings to hold firmly in place
  3. No PVC or vinyl, holds up to 2 litres of water


Solid's Starter Kit

The Solids Starter Kit contains two premium quality, high-capacity baby food freezer trays. Designed for mums, by mums, these special trays let you prepare and freeze as much as a whole month’s supply of nutritious, homemade baby food at once. Each kit holds 42 easy-to-remove single portions that are ready to use whenever you need them. And the unique, compact design means they take up next-to-no room in your freezer.



Dinky Diner Portable Highchair

The Dinky Diner portable highchair is designed to fit over most dining chairs to help secure your baby in for mealtime.  Suitable for all infants once they can sit well unsupported (approx 6-30 months).  Ideal for holidays and travel, cafes and restaurants, visiting grandparents and to help encourage older children to sit on a regular chair at the table.


Wee Target

Wee Target is a fun way for toilet training boys to learn how to aim correctly, encourage toilet training and create an incentive.  Wee Targets are plastic targets that you stick to the inside rim of the toilet to give little boys (and not so little) something to aim for.  To make it alot of fun Toilet Training boys, the targets have heat sensitive black ink spots on them and when the wee hits the target, the black ink 'disappears' to reveal a fun picture underneath. The targets go back to black once the toilet is flushed, ready for next time.


Bebe2be All-in-One Nursing covers

The all-in-one nursing cover allows mothers to breastfeed in public anytime and anywhere as well as offering a pram shade when the baby is sleeping. Comes with a fully adjustable rigid neckline, terry cloth burping section and a handy drawstring bag for travelling. Also available in two other stylish fabrics and is machine washable.


Bebe2be Bamboo bodysuits

Bebe2be bamboo bodysuits are made with organic bamboo fibres making it the ideal fabric for babies soft and sensitive skin. Grown without pesticides, bamboo fabric is breathable and includes antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. Available in 3 different sizes and comes with an adorable garment bag.


If you are a retailer and want to find out more about our brands or wholesale information please send us an email.  Or alternatively if you have a brand that needs a distributor in Asia then we would love to hear from you.

Contact: info@bebe2be.com





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